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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 09:53pm on 25/11/2012
I have moved my trading post to a real site!

Please find it HERE!
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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 09:26pm on 13/05/2012

So it has been a little over a month since I cut myself off of twitter. Here is what I have learned:

1. I haven't been spoiled on a show in over a month. I made a brief trip over to twitter tonight just to see what was going on and to see if I felt any nostalgia only to have a huge fat spoiler thrown into my face. Then I remembered the number 1 reason for wanting to leave twitter and that was that half the shows I might have wanted to watch (Dr. Who and Once Upon a Time for instance) had been completely and utterly spoiled for me to the point that it was rather useless to even care about them anymore. Now that I have a Hulu Plus subscription, and I'm catching up on shows, I want to stay surprised and stay away from spoilers as much as possible.

2. I know a lot less about some of you... but at the same time I don't because the content I was getting wasn't really about YOU per say. I miss seeing updates from [ profile] marissameyer about her book progress as those were always fun to fangirl over. I miss seeing most of your faces pop up across my feed and know you are well but in the end I realized that most of what is spoken about are things that I'm just not into. I like some YA books (I love all genres) but that is not my main interest and it isn't my life. I'm not a Harry Potter fan. I have no aspirations to be an author myself... and many times I felt a bit left out of conversations because besides the TV shows you guys love to chat about together (and spoil XDDD can I mention that a few more times?) that is about the only content that I see. I can't really relate to that and it feels foreign to try honestly.

3. I love all of you. I miss you a lot. It has taught me how little I share of myself though because I was limiting myself to 140 characters and that just isn't me. I think for now I'll be staying here on LJ and facebook and trying my best to share more and more about my life. I want to be me (and not force myself into a square peg of discussions) and to care about all my friends and support you all. So for now I will keep to places that let me ramble and don't limit me so much. Maybe when I'm cleverer and can fit what I feel into fewer characters I'll come back. :)

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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 10:53am on 25/06/2011
As I have mentioned before, I got my start in icon making over at [ profile] sailormoonland and through the past few months I have quite a few icons that I have made.

Some of you have seen all of these and some of you haven't but please go check them out if you are interested. ^_^
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HERE @ [ profile] karasu_icons 
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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 06:04pm on 14/03/2011
So it is that wonderfully spammy time again. I just wanted to let you guys know that Battle V of [ profile] sailormoonland  has begun!

This is a very strong community with lots of activity! (We just had an icon contest with 56 entries!) So if you love Sailor Moon, love to write, love puzzles, love to make icons and graphics, and most important want to make a lot of awesome friends you should make your way over and sign up today.

Make sure to mention that [ profile] jojo_da_crow  of Team Chaos sent you!
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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 07:08pm on 18/01/2011
Made for [ profile] otp20in20 


All 20+ icons under the cut )
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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 08:15pm on 02/01/2011
I am trying to decide what couple I'd like to do icons for. I am going to try to enter an icon challenge for the [Poll #1663578]
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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 06:01pm on 02/01/2011
Here is a dump of all the Sailor Moon icons I have made over the past few months in [ profile] sailormoonland 

You are welcome to use any of these as long as you credit!


34 Icons under the cut )
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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 02:23pm on 14/12/2010
I do this every three months... Most of the people on this list who are going to join [ profile] sailormoonland already have.

But in case you have been thinking about it...

1. We have a new status for people who just want to hang out with SM fans but don't have time for the challenges. You can request to be a social member and just join us for chats and watch parties. :)

2. It is a great place for any fan of Sailor Moon to have fun. You don't have to have a deep knowledge of the show to participate.

Plus you know I'm awesome and I'm there. *strut*

Anyway come on over today and when you sign up please tell them Jojo from Chaos sent you!


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