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posted by [personal profile] jojodacrow at 09:26pm on 13/05/2012

So it has been a little over a month since I cut myself off of twitter. Here is what I have learned:

1. I haven't been spoiled on a show in over a month. I made a brief trip over to twitter tonight just to see what was going on and to see if I felt any nostalgia only to have a huge fat spoiler thrown into my face. Then I remembered the number 1 reason for wanting to leave twitter and that was that half the shows I might have wanted to watch (Dr. Who and Once Upon a Time for instance) had been completely and utterly spoiled for me to the point that it was rather useless to even care about them anymore. Now that I have a Hulu Plus subscription, and I'm catching up on shows, I want to stay surprised and stay away from spoilers as much as possible.

2. I know a lot less about some of you... but at the same time I don't because the content I was getting wasn't really about YOU per say. I miss seeing updates from [ profile] marissameyer about her book progress as those were always fun to fangirl over. I miss seeing most of your faces pop up across my feed and know you are well but in the end I realized that most of what is spoken about are things that I'm just not into. I like some YA books (I love all genres) but that is not my main interest and it isn't my life. I'm not a Harry Potter fan. I have no aspirations to be an author myself... and many times I felt a bit left out of conversations because besides the TV shows you guys love to chat about together (and spoil XDDD can I mention that a few more times?) that is about the only content that I see. I can't really relate to that and it feels foreign to try honestly.

3. I love all of you. I miss you a lot. It has taught me how little I share of myself though because I was limiting myself to 140 characters and that just isn't me. I think for now I'll be staying here on LJ and facebook and trying my best to share more and more about my life. I want to be me (and not force myself into a square peg of discussions) and to care about all my friends and support you all. So for now I will keep to places that let me ramble and don't limit me so much. Maybe when I'm cleverer and can fit what I feel into fewer characters I'll come back. :)

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posted by [identity profile] at 01:46am on 14/05/2012
1. That's one thing I absolutely loath about Twitter. American shows are so ahead of Australian airings that I can't bother with half of them anymore. Especially Once Upon a Time. Arg. I know exactly what you're talking about!!

2. Are you looking forward to the return of Marissa's newsletters? I know I am! I had a bit of a fangurl over that when she mentioned those the other day! And so what are some of your main interests? I know you're a genius when it comes to graphics/iconing! But not much other than that and Sailor Moon xD

3. Yay to Jojo's return to LJ! May you forever ramble on over the limit of 140 characters! xD I know I do hehe
posted by [identity profile] at 01:55am on 14/05/2012
1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I hardly watch actual tv anymore and I watch everything online a few days later when I can really sit and enjoy it.

2. Haha, the graphics is just something I do on the side. When I was very depressed I needed something small to focus on in order to keep myself from sinking down so far. SML helped with that. Strangely enough it helped save me. Most days I didn't want to get out of bed but my therapist told me to find one thing to accomplish every day. So I got up everyday and if I did nothing else I would try one SML activity. Eventually I started trying more and more and working harder at the graphics gave me something to focus on. ^___^

I reallly love all sorts of things. I do love books but my tastes run toward cheesy romance novels and fantasy. Right now I am re-reading all the Wheel of Time books. Or rather... listening to them on audio.

I also love crafts and music, manga and anime, and games! I love playing games. I love girl talk and stupid meme's. I actually do love talking about tv shows with people but only in an arena where I can safely shield others from spoilers or not be spoiled myself. Oh and cooking! I love to cook too. :)

3. I'm glad of the return as well. I didn't post as often as I'd like this month but it was more than I had posted in the previous months. I figure if I can press myself to do a little more each month I'll be back to normal updates. You are my inspiration with all your updates. <3
posted by [identity profile] at 02:08pm on 14/05/2012

...*awkward silence*


1. I used to play this MMORPG called "Maple Story", and you can buy these "Megaphones" with real money that sends texts to every player's screen... I hated this b/c every time a movie came out or a major series or something, everyone starts announcing the spoilers >:| It's like REALLY? So I can understand how you feel!

2. I liked seeing updates about people's lives, but when it came to fandom-related tweets I would just gloss over them >__>

3. I KNOW YOU; You are awesome, we think you are awesome, you know you are awesome, you breathe awesomeness \o/ What else am I missing?
posted by [identity profile] at 03:44pm on 14/05/2012
You mean you don't like chemistry DDDDDDDD:

Clark Howard retweets are pretty cool, too.

You're just lucky I've come back to LJ and can stalk you properly. (And FB, too, if I remember to log on.)

posted by [identity profile] at 03:58pm on 14/05/2012
Haha I didn't mind your tweets at all. The only problem is that I'd turn my head for 30 minutes and find 200 new tweets so they got buried. I think twitter just moved too fast for this old lady.
posted by [identity profile] at 09:03pm on 15/05/2012
Interesting :) I don't use Twitter, so I enjoy reading other people's thoughts on it and get informed. :)


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